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2 min read

Creating the Perfect Memo for Your Roofing Business: Tips & Advice

It goes without saying that having the skills of how to write the perfect business memo is a valuable asset, regardless of the industry. For business...

lonely robot. building a house

2 min read

Streamline Your Roofing Production Management: 4 Ways to Automate

As a roofing company looking to compete in the digital age, automation can be a great way to reduce the time and effort spent managing complex...

what does automation cost

2 min read

[Bonus Video] Use Zapier to Streamline Communication and Organization

As the roofing industry continues to become more competitive, companies are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition and gain an edge in...

robot living without fear

2 min read

Fear keeps us alive but prevents us from living!

As a CEO of a roofing company, there are certain traits that need to be instilled in order to make sure the business is successful and prosperous.

alex hormozi as a robot

2 min read

Never Let Setbacks Stop You: How To Not be a Poor Roofer

If you’re looking for an inspirational business influencer, look no further than Alex Hormozi. As one of the top entrepreneurs in the roofing...

2 min read

How Roofing Companies Can Create a Santa Claus-Like Brand Presence: What Coca-Cola Taught Us

Did Coca-Cola Invent Santa Claus? As a roofing company, one of the biggest holidays we look forward to every year is Christmas. It’s a time of...

1 min read

Secret to a Successful Roofing Business: Hiring Smarter Than Yourself

As an entrepreneur, I have been inspired by many business influencers throughout my career. One of my absolute favorite influencers is Alex Hormozi,...

robot calendly and slack notifications

2 min read

Seamless Calendar and Communication System with Slack and Calendly for Roofers

As a roofing company looking to find ways to stay competitive in an ever-experiencing digital age, it is important to explore new and innovative ways...

Robot handing out money

2 min read

How to Not be Poor: Maximize Your Profits and Help Others Succeed

As a successful business leader, I can’t help but be impressed with Alex Hormozi’s latest quote:

1 min read

Don't be Poor, Why Education is Worth More than Entertainment.

Like most of my business influences, Alex Hormozi does not mince words.