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Artificial Intelligence (AI)


23 min read

Part 1: Growing a roofing company from $25 - $60 million with hubspot

Below is a conversation I had with ChatGPT 4 going over the financial modelling a typical $25,000,000 roofing executive must make when considering...

woman looking into her reflection with a robot

2 min read

AI and Roofing: What It Means To Be Human

Examining the Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Human Work in the Roofing Industry When AI beats humans at being human, it’ll begin a...

two robots helping eachother write

2 min read

Putting OpenAI's GPT-3 to Work: Generating Content Ideas for Roofing

These days, the digital age is rapidly changing the way businesses create, market, and deliver their services. As a result, companies of all kinds...