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lead magnet idea

2 min read

Roofing Lead Magnets: - Free Emergency Tarp Delivery Service

So you're about to get hit by a Hurricane. A customer messaged me the same day of the $100m Leads book launch event, letting me know he was about to...

double roofing sales in 2023

12 min read

How to Sell Roofs 200% More Often (Helpful Tips for 2023)

Sales Management Techniques to Drive Revenue Growth We have DOUBLED and EVEN TRIPLED Roofing company's Sales in 45 Days consistently!

15 min read

What a RBP Sales Call looks like...

The Comprehensive RBP Business Advisor Sales Guide: Mastering Objection Handling for High-Stakes Decisions

2 min read

Buyers Persona's an Easy Guide

What are buyers Persona's in Hubspot? Get ready for a thrilling journey into the exciting world of buying behaviors, where people's shopping habits...

4 min read

12 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a CRM Support Partner

Selecting the right CRM support partner can be a daunting task for businesses. Choosing the wrong partner can waste time, money, and effort. To help...

7 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Developing a Winning CRM Strategy

A customer relationship management strategy is a plan that outlines how an organization will interact with its customers to improve customer loyalty,...


23 min read

Part 1: Growing a roofing company from $25 - $60 million with hubspot

Below is a conversation I had with ChatGPT 4 going over the financial modelling a typical $25,000,000 roofing executive must make when considering...

5 min read

Mastering CRM Data Quality: 7 Key Strategies for Success

Introduction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have become indispensable tools for businesses of all sizes. These systems help manage...

two chimps having a conversation

18 min read

A discussion with ai on the future of Roofing

The roofing industry has long been characterized by fierce competition, commoditized pricing, and countless small businesses vying for market share....