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1 min read

Making Roofing Easier with Slack Notifications

As a roofing company, staying competitive in the digital age is essential. You need to be able to quickly identify new opportunities, respond to...

woman looking into her reflection with a robot

2 min read

AI and Roofing: What It Means To Be Human

Examining the Relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Human Work in the Roofing Industry When AI beats humans at being human, it’ll begin a...

10 min read

Roof Marketing - The Ultimate Guide for Getting More Leads in 2023

How do I Grow my Roofing Business? As a passive roofing company owner, investor, and current consultant, I understand firsthand the challenges and...

3 min read

Winning Strategy for Starting a Business in 2023: An 8-Step Framework

in 2023 As a roofing CEO in the year 2023, the idea of starting a business can be overwhelming. Oddly enough Dmitry from Roofing Insights also made a...

robot looking out airplane window

2 min read

The Benefits of Travel: Finding Appreciation in Home and Away

As an entrepreneur and business influencer, I always seek new ways to inspire and motivate myself and those around me. One thing I think that makes...

letting go of the vine

2 min read

The Power of Letting Go: How Roofing Companies Can Achieve Success

In the business world, it’s not about forgetting where you come from but rather 'letting go of your past'. This principle is vitally important for a...

robot being released by other robots to be himself

2 min read

Unlocking Your Potential with Fewer Constraints due to Status

As a CEO of a company serving the roofing industry, I believe I can help by taking my experience travelling the country working with roofers all...

robot in the middle of a race

2 min read

Joys and Challenges of Roofing: Mastering the Middle for a Satisfying Finish

As a business influencer, I'm inspired by the work of many entrepreneurs, but one of the people that stands out the most to me is Alex Hormozi.

all roofing businesses need a service level agreement

4 min read

Optimizing your service level agreements (SLA)

If you're a roofing business owner, the chances are you don't have a service level management that has the time or resources to create a fully...

two robots helping eachother write

2 min read

Putting OpenAI's GPT-3 to Work: Generating Content Ideas for Roofing

These days, the digital age is rapidly changing the way businesses create, market, and deliver their services. As a result, companies of all kinds...