Adam Sand

Adam is the Co-CEO of RBP along with his wife Allison- and is known as a business enthusiast with a penchant for adventure. His mission is life-changing, and the team’s efforts have secured retirements, succession plans, and boosted revenue to over $500M for the companies in the Roofing and Construction niche.

lead magnet idea

2 min read

Roofing Lead Magnets: - Free Emergency Tarp Delivery Service

So you're about to get hit by a Hurricane. A customer messaged me the same day of the $100m Leads book launch event, letting me know he was about to...

double roofing sales in 2023

12 min read

How to Sell Roofs 200% More Often (Helpful Tips for 2023)

Sales Management Techniques to Drive Revenue Growth We have DOUBLED and EVEN TRIPLED Roofing company's Sales in 45 Days consistently!

15 min read

What a RBP Sales Call looks like...

The Comprehensive RBP Business Advisor Sales Guide: Mastering Objection Handling for High-Stakes Decisions

2 min read

Buyers Persona's an Easy Guide

What are buyers Persona's in Hubspot? Get ready for a thrilling journey into the exciting world of buying behaviors, where people's shopping habits...


23 min read

Part 1: Growing a roofing company from $25 - $60 million with hubspot

Below is a conversation I had with ChatGPT 4 going over the financial modelling a typical $25,000,000 roofing executive must make when considering...

two chimps having a conversation

18 min read

A discussion with ai on the future of Roofing

The roofing industry has long been characterized by fierce competition, commoditized pricing, and countless small businesses vying for market share....

2 min read

The Impact of Social Search on Roofing Companies: An Overview of 2023 Social Trends

As technology continues to grow, so do the possibilities of how we can search for the answers we need. In the past, the go-to search engine to go to...

2 min read

Maximizing Your Roofing Company's ROI Through Social Media: The Top 3 Platforms for Maximum Return on Investment

Social media has become an everyday part of life. People of all ages, backgrounds, and interests use it to stay connected and engaged with what’s...