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Buyers Persona's an Easy Guide

What are buyers Persona's in Hubspot?

Get ready for a thrilling journey into the exciting world of buying behaviors, where people's shopping habits for your product take center stage, from the heart-pounding discovery moment to the nail-biting climax of making a purchase. We prompt these brave respondents to outline the strategy behind their buying decisions, including:

Questions about their covert purchasing rendezvous locations and methods Questions to decipher the enigma of the thought process behind their purchase decisions Follow-up questions dive deeper than a submarine into the ocean of buying behavior psychology. They shine a spotlight on the motivations behind their purchase decisions and unearth related themes that expose the secrets of why your target customers make the decisions they do.

How to conduct espionage on buyer persona Welcome to the secret spy world of buyer persona research, a thrilling cocktail of customer and consumer research, shaken not stirred, with a twist of market segmentation. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves a variety of research methods—including focus groups, clandestine interviews, and undercover surveys—to gather information for your buyer personas.

  • Spy on the people who already buy your product. Your customers are a goldmine of intel, many are eager to be double agents and share their feedback with your enterprise. Here's where the spy game starts, you can consider your existing customer data as the launchpad to the moon of your target personas.
  • Crafty research methods like customer satisfaction surveys and case studies can help you uncover the secret details of your customers, including their demographics, preferences, and loyalty to your product. Just like any good spy, don’t forget to ask follow-up questions to get the full picture of their buying behavior.
  • Infiltrate your target market. The best agent personas combine customer and consumer insights to paint a 3D picture of market segments. While customer research focuses on the customer's experience, consumer research looks at the buyer's experience throughout the entire lifecycle of your customer. Yes, you are not limited to your existing customers; expand your horizon to your entire target market.

Consumer research methods are your go-to gadgets, generating quantitative data like demographics, and qualitative data, like descriptions of major pain points.

  • Crack the code of market segmentations. Just like a spy mastermind, combine your customer and consumer research, and organize your data to find patterns and correlations in parts of your population.

Craft a buyer persona for each market segment.

  • What's the median age of a buyer in the segment?
  • What's their annual income?
  • Are they parenting or enjoying a solitary life?
  • What kind of Job do they have? 

These are just the tip of the iceberg in forming your buyer persona. Add other data points such as how long it takes them to decide whether or not to make a purchase, do they prefer online or in-store shopping.

And don't forget the touch of fiction – a suitable code name (like “Foolish Felicia” or “Legacy Larry”) and backstory, which helps to humanize the data and keep the story engaging and relatable.

For example, the "Impulsive Ian" buyer persona who can't resist a good sale, even if she doesn't need the product, or the notorious "Discount Derek" who wouldn't buy a thing without a hefty discount. All of these personas make your business strategy a page-turning spy thriller. So, get your decoder rings ready and start crafting your buyer personas!

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