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Roofing Lead Magnets: - Free Emergency Tarp Delivery Service

So you're about to get hit by a Hurricane.

A customer messaged me the same day of the $100m Leads book launch event, letting me know he was about to get hit by a Hurricane in California. Being that he's an active RevOps client and a beloved customer overall, my first inclination was to ask; 


What's your lead magnet going to be?


To which he responded that he;
i) Wasn't surprised that was my response
ii) & that he was hoping I had an idea

Thankfully, when I owned a roofing business in Canada, I promptly started the $100m Leads course and began listing different lead magnets for roofing companies in my own roofing business. Roofing Business Partner started as a Facebook Ad Agency for roofers in 2016. So I can come up with them quickly and this course is chock-full of complete frameworks that made me even better rapidly. (hint: free inspection, free storm damage assessment = ZERO VALUE because everyone is doing it.)


Here is what I remember and what followed:


- Alex Hormozi Chapter 3; Section 7




Why this one would work:
(Meets four core criteria of not sucky fluff) 

  1. Engages storm-impacted customers when they see it. They need it, and they don't want to get it for themselves because they may need certainty to know what type, size, or quantity to get.)
  2. More people will engage with your core offer. You will have the tarps available for those who want to buy them. EVERYONE in the field is now in sales. So you can now CHARGE to tarp it for many, and your customer acquisition is PAID directly. Plus, you have the inventory on hand, and the core offer is repair/replacement, which comes AFTER the tarp, whether they pay you to tarp it or take the free tarp. 
  3.  It's valuable. (Tarps cost more money than zero. Delivery is not free).
  4. It makes the RIGHT people more likely to buy. Customers who DIY - compare you to Chuck in a truck. Thanks for letting my truck come to the neighborhood. Call me when Chuck's roof leaks. 

HOWEVER… Widowed Grandma, Rich, Lazy, Tech CEO, Super scary, steep-roof dwellers, and people without $300 ladders need not apply. These people pay the big bucks. 💰 💰 

Guess what, If they need a $300 ladder and have to buy it and bring it home to use the tarp? Guess who's getting paid $200 for a free roof inspection with some work and a tarp? 


Sure, the storm will bring you some leads.


I want $100,000,000 worth of leads; WHO WANT TO BUY FROM ME because they would feel stupid if they didn't. 



Document your emergency community response efforts. Altruism and Self Interest can morally co-exist in the same action. 

Make a zillion! Stay Dry.

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