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The Big Picture of getting Promoted in a Roofing Business

 How to Strategically Get Ahead of the Competition in your workplace

Having been a CEO of a roofing company, it’s important to think and discuss strategies openly with our teams about getting promoted. Our people today - now more than ever- are wanting their careers and incomes to grow. We need to show them away. Tactics like waiting for them to ask for promotion come with false savings, and from their perspective it's helpful but without a long-term plan or strategy, chances of success are slim.

That’s why CEOs should focus on the big picture and create an effective plan for getting people to get promoted.

Here are some key strategies to get promoted, that you can share openly with your team and let the winners take action under this direction.

  1. Take on new responsibilities: It’s important to take on additional tasks in order to demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm towards the job. This could include things like leading project teams, implementing new systems and processes, or taking the lead on marketing initiatives. (Think: Every roofing company owner wishes they had more video) By showing that you can handle more responsibility, or struggling initiatives -- higher-ups will be more likely to consider you for a promotion or at the very least a raise.
  2. Make yourself visible: Make sure you’re visible throughout the organization. Attend meetings and network events and make sure to speak up whenever you have an opinion or idea that could help the company move forward (even if it’s not relevant to your current role). Getting noticed by other leaders is key to getting promoted within any organization so stand out at industry events, have meaningful conversations with peers and bosses, and showcase your strengths in any way possible.
  3. Build relationships with senior leaders: Building relationships with higher-ups is essential for getting ahead in any business setting. Letting executives know that you’d be interested in working with them shows that you’re ready for new challenges and opportunities so make sure to connect with them online and establish positive working relationships that can help open up opportunities for promotion down the line. Follow, like, engage with and share company posts. 
  4. Find mentors: Find mentors who can help guide your career growth and provide advice on how to get promoted within your organization or industry as a whole. Mentors should be able to provide valuable insight into what hiring managers are looking for in candidates as well as advice on what makes successful teams successful so they can help prepare you for success when it comes time to apply for a higher position within your organization.
  5. Stay ahead of trends: Staying ahead of trends is essential in order to stay competitive in today's market so keep an eye out for new technologies that could benefit your company and present ideas on how they could be implemented in order to increase efficiency and save money over time (which will also look great when applying for promotions or cross departmental positions). Additionally, staying abreast of roofing industry trends will provide insight into how competitors operate which could be useful when developing strategies or attempting more radical approaches around customer acquisition or marketing initiatives. A great place to watch is this blog, or the Roofing Insights youtube channel.

By focusing on these strategies, employees of roofing companies should be able to effectively navigate their way through their career paths while simultaneously demonstrating the qualities needed in order to get promoted such as leadership skills, initiative-taking abilities, problem solving capabilities, etc..

Ultimately this will ensure that all efforts are directed towards gaining promotions rather than simply relying on tactics such as asking directly - tactics which may not always work out successfully given the complex systems within most organizations today where only those who truly understand what is needed from employees at all levels (not just those at CEO level) truly prosper..

Are you ready to guide your teams through your promotion strategy and screening process to the next level and get ahead of the competition, with better more ambitious people?

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